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American Wire Products, Inc.

High-Quality Wire Tree Baskets: American Wire Products, Inc.

American Wire Products, Inc. manufactures wire tree baskets. We sell the wire baskets as well as other B&B supplies (burlap, strapping, nails) to the ornamental tree grower. The basket sizes that we currently manufacture range in sizes between 50" to 106". We make almost any angle and contour-shaped baskets. We also make custom baskets. 

We operate out of Tifton, GA, and mostly serve the southern USA. However, we have customers located in many faraway states as well. We are known for our quality products and diverse range of baskets. We can make it all!

Used Tree Spades

New Tree Spades

Our sister company, Landscape Equipment & Supply Co. Inc., is the dealer for Dakota Tree Spades in the southeast region of the USA.

Please note that our spades have cold formed blades, remote control operation, and easy maintenance.

We also sell used tree spades such as Big John, Optimal, Vermeer, Dutchman, and more.

American Wire Products, Inc.

Wire Tree Baskets

American Wire Products Inc. provides high-quality wire tree baskets for sale in Tifton, GA. Browse our selection today! We sell most models of wire baskets for tree spades including Big John, Optimal, Vermeer, Dutchman, Caretree, Clegg, and more.

American Wire Products, Inc.

Monthly Specials

72x72 Treated 7 OZ Burlap Liners (Great condition. Must buy in bailed quantities for discount. 250 ea.)

$3.90 ea

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